Why SEO is important and when it won't bring you results

Many companies in Ireland are now starting to see an opportunity in Digital Marketing. It is hard not to realise how much more business simple improvements on and off your website could bring your Company. However, when a business owner comes to a meeting with a Digital Marketer, he hardly understands that all the work to be done on his website needs the involvement of that Company’s employee’s as well as web designers and web developers.

So, in what cases there is no need to sign the contract with Digital Marketers? And why SEO may not bring you any results?

Let’s start with the stats:

As you can see on the chart, the number of internet users in Ireland has now reached 81% of all people living in our country.

In this article about Online Shopping, it says that

Retail Sales from shopping online predicted to grow to $370 billion in 2017

71% of online shoppers believe that will get better value than shopping in the high street.

Irish People spend €8.5 million a day online on websites in other countries

There are approximately 3 818 334 Internet users in Ireland today. 

How many of them could become your customers?

SEO is a powerful tool to attract your target audience to your website, increase sales and Brand Awareness and establish your Brand Reputation. However, not every SEO project will be successful.

Here is a list of things we suggest you consider before signing a contract with a Digital Marketing Agency in Ireland, or elsewhere.

Your website is the KEY

No matter how hard your marketer works on your site, it will hardly bring you results, unless your website is customer-centric. Does your site look appealing? Is it easy to find information on it? Do you have quality content published? Where are your contact details placed? There is much more to user-friendly websites, of course. However, we suggest you start with these points. If you feel your site could be improved – it’s better to do it now. Any good marketer could advise you a Brand and Web Design Agency, who would be able to help you invest in your company’s future by providing you with top-notch designs.

User Experience

Now, when you know that a website should be created for your customers and speak their language, let’s talk about User Experience (UX):

User experience (UX) refers to a person’s entire experience using a particular product, system or service.

“User experience includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership” (Wiki).  Are the people visiting your website willing to bookmark it and come back to it again and again? Obviously, this is something you should ask your designer and digital marketer about, however, looking at hundreds of different Irish websites every day, I am coming to a conclusion, that even those newly created “juicy” ones are missing out on User Experience. So here is the question – why invest thousands in Brand and Web design when it simply won’t work as you expect it to?

The conclusion to my last point is simple: your digital marketer has to work hand-in-hand with designers, to provide you, the website owner, the best possible outcomes long-term.

Wrap up

Search Engine Optimisation is a must. A site without SEO is like a beefsteak made of soy meat. However, to get results out of any SEO campaign we have to start from the roots, and the roots are – the quality of your website and the content. Low-quality website will never bring you leads or sales, or even phone calls unless you have no competition on the market.