Why Every Growing Business needs Video Marketing

Here we will provide you will all the important information you need to know about Video Marketing.

Let’s start with basics.

What is Video Marketing?

Let’s just say you decided to increase your Brand awareness across the Web and don’t know where to start. Well, here’s a very good and simple solution for your company whatever services you provides or goods you sell, and it’s called Video Marketing, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. What you have to do first – is to find Professionals to create a video for your needs, whether they are to increase sales, promote new products, increase conversions or jut let your potential customers know about your company. The video can be as simple as that:

Length: 30 seconds onwards

Content: All you want to say to your customers

What your clients will see: Great graphics+titles, A video of the product, Video Review, You yourself talking for the company etc.

There are tons of ways to visualise your idea using the video, so you have to pick the right one that is more suitable for your business niche.

When the video is created, you publish it on your website and your youtube channel (I hope you have one by now)… So what to do next? The chance of people actually noticing your video among thousands of others is very slim and that’s where Video Marketing Process has to start.

Without promoting your video you won’t see any results, you highly unlikely will get any decent amount of views and visits to your website.

Video Marketing – is the Right way of promoting your videos to achieve needed results.

Why do you need to promote your videos?

What is your goal? Let’s say you want to increase traffic and get high quality links to your website. Think about it, the traffic brought to your site will convert into leads, and leads will convert into sales eventually. Without promoting your video it will never happen, so here we suggest an SEO strategy for your Brillsome Videos

How do I promote my videos?

The right SEO techniques and promoting your video in the proven to work way will get your business where you want it to be. It’s very time-consuming, so we suggest, you leave it with us and concentrate on more important tasks.

But if you are still curious how we do that, here’s a brief explanation that is straight to the point:

1. We do the keyword research which is the fundamental thing for further promotion

2. We Optimise your video the way Search Engines want it to be, so that you get views and likes and re-shares on YouTube, and, as a result – more traffic to your website.

3. We promote your videos through different channels, such as Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit and many others to make sure your target audience sees it

4. We send you a monthly report on how your video is keeping so that you don’t have to go and spend your precious time on it.

It may sound simple, but there’s a humongous process behind the scenes. We want to make sure all our customers are delighted with the results and come back to us for more work.

Don’t hesitate, contact with us and get your first consultation appointment.