What is Video Marketing and why you should do it?

Video Marketing – is another way of showing your Brand to people out there, who are probably searching for your services online right now, at this moment of time. How can they find you if your videos are not promoted or not promoted enough? Will Google show your videos in search results if they are not SEO-optimised?

The answer is: neither customers nor Search Engines won’t see your video as it won’t be where it has to be.

Is there something you can do about it? Certainly, yes!

Once the video is published on YouTube, Vimeo or wherever else, it needs HQ promotion to get to your potential customers. It’s easy in one sense but time-consuming in another.

First thing you have to do is to carefully choose the right video (or a few?) for promotion. After that you just share it with us and we do the rest:

We will make a keyword research, write a description the way your potential customers AND Google want to see it, make Annotations, notes and promote it via different channels to make sure your audience finds you.

All in all, we are taking this headache away from you! Contact us today! Go Brillsome

Here’s a gorgeous infographics for you about Content Marketing and the power of video:

Brillsome Video Marketing. Infographics
Infographics by Social Enterprise Time