Ecommerce Store:
Design & Development for Kivotos

Kivotos is an online shop that sells hand-crafted beautiful Orthodox Icons. All the paintings are framed in a very special way to make sure they don’t deteriorate with time. The Team behind Kivotos are deeply religious, honest people and lovely clients to work with. We got so much pleasure working with the owner Andrew, and his colleagues.

It’s not uncommon we get approached by companies in other parts of the world, however, since we do speak their language (and a couple of other languages, too), we decided to help Kivotos with design and deployment of their new customer-centric, responsive website.

The ultimate goal of Kivotos team was to update their website and make sure it’s up-to-scratch with modern technologies and design practises. During our discovery session, we have also determined the problems they encountered while using the old website: there was no system in place to capture client’s email addresses and get in touch with them after the purchase. Apart from that, it had to be a customer-centric website that would display and operate well on all devices, as our analysis shown that some visitors tried to finish the purchase from their tablets and mobile phones and never succeeded when the old website was live.


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