Keyword Research: how to do it yourself (vol.1)

As we all know, the Keyword Research is one of the most important stages in any SEO project.

Not only it helps us understand our customers, it also gives us insights into trending topics in the industry, gives us ideas about how we should plan our content strategy and, of course, gives us a chance to get more business by outranking our competitors.

Performing such research can be very tricky in some cases: key phrases would vary from industry to industry, or you may find that people do not spell words right while surfing the web, or businesses may have multilingual audiences, etc.

However, if all this doesn’t scare you, here are few quick tips on how to make it happen on your own without an SEO agency’s help.

– Try to look at your business from a different perspective: get into your customer’s mind. What will they type into Google, while looking for your products/services?

– Create a spreadsheet to write down all your ideas. We use Google Sheets, the spreadsheets created in Google can be shared with your SEO agency later on, or you could collaborate with your colleagues, jointly using the document.

– Find your ranking competitors and analyse their keyword strategy they use.

– Consider using Google Tools, such as Search Console, Google Suggest, Google Related Searches, Google Trends

– Start using Bing Keyword Research Tool

– Look at taking advantage of other Keyword Research Tools, such as SEO Book, Wordpot, SEMRush, YouTube Keyword Research Tool, etc.

We have put together a list of guides on performing a keyword research, that will give you a comprehensive understanding of what exactly has to be done:

Hubspot: How to Do Keyword Research for SEO: A Beginner’s Guide

Backlinko: Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide

MOZ: Beginner’s Guide to SEO: Chapter 5

QuickSprout: The Advanced Guide to SEO – Chapter 6

The Kissmetrics Guide To Keyword Research – Part I: Keyword Discovery

The Kissmetrics Guide To Keyword Research – Part II: Analyzing and Choosing the Best Keywords

The Kissmetrics Guide to Keyword Research – Part III: 40 Top Keyword Research Posts of 2011

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