Digital Marketing for Your Business

With the rapid pace of business along with the evolution of modern technology, small and medium sized businesses in Dublin, Ireland may find themselves struggling to keep up. An increasing number of brick and mortar businesses are beginning to recognise the need to change their marketing model and beef up their existing efforts by including digital marketing strategies.

And why not? With an increasingly lucrative and rapidly growing online marketplace, digital marketing can spell the difference between a thriving business and closing the doors. If you are fairly new to the concept of digital marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to significantly grow your business.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, which is sometimes referred to as Internet marketing, follows many of the same principles as traditional marketing, but taps into highly effective tools to deliver your marketing message. Email, social networks, mobile devices, websites, PPC advertisements and a long list of other options are available to get your product or service in front of as many potential customers as possible.

Digital marketing strategies can range from a simple birthday greeting sent to one of your loyal customer’s smart phone to a weekly electronic newsletter delivered by email. This form of marketing allows you to deliver your message in a more efficient, effective, more powerful way, all without having to contend with the high cost of many traditional marketing methods.

Why Should You Invest in Digital Marketing?

Some people regard any form of marketing as money down the drain. While this can be a possible scenario, when done strategically and accurately, it can be a highly rewarding investment.

Leveling the Online Paying Field

Gone are the days of wide scale marketing only being affordable for multinational companies and large organisations with significant resources. Today’s digital marketing strategies effectively level the playing field by allowing small and medium enterprises the opportunity to compete with the big guns and claim their share of the pie, so to speak.


For small businesses with limited resources, digital marketing offers a cost-effective marketing approach that can deliver massive results without busting the budget. In fact, based on the Digital Marketing Spend Report conducted by Gartner, respondents claim they saw as much as a 40% savings utilising digital marketing promotion for their products and services. In the same report, 28% of the business owners shared they have decided to make the shift, from traditional to digital marketing techniques and tools.   

Expertise and Experience

It is important to note, an increase in website traffic does not necessarily reflect success in digital marketing, a misconception shared by many. The success of a specific digital marketing strategy should be based on the conversion rate, meaning the number of people who actually decided to purchase/subscribe/sign up from the traffic driven by the digital marketing campaign.

With this in mind, be aware that your results will largely depend on the expertise and experience of your marketing service provider. While many may think digital marketing is something they can do themselves, you cannot expect significant results from a trial and error approach. If you want to maximise your resources and results, acquire the services of a digital marketing provider with a proven track record of generating real results.