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Why SEO is important and when it won't bring you results

Many companies in Ireland are now starting to see an opportunity in Digital Marketing. It is hard not to realise how much more business simple improvements on and off your website could bring your Company. However, when a business owner comes to a meeting with a Digital Marketer, he hardly understands that all the work to…

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Keyword Research: how to do it yourself (vol.1)

As we all know, the Keyword Research is one of the most important stages in any SEO project. Not only it helps us understand our customers, it also gives us insights into trending topics in the industry, gives us ideas about how we should plan our content strategy and, of course, gives us a chance…

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Internet Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

When it comes to effective Internet marketing practices & strategies, there is no such thing as a fixed formula for success. One cannot expect to generate the same result and achieve the same level of success in every venture they attempt. It is important that an Internet marketing plan is specifically tailored for the business…

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Internet Marketing: Hire or DIY?

Handling a digital marketing campaign on your own, instead of hiring a business marketing service provider, may initially seem like a viable option. However, there are many issues and complexities involved with a digital campaign that may be initially overlooked. A solid Internet marketing strategy will most often require the combined efforts of both a…

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Digital Marketing for Your Business

With the rapid pace of business along with the evolution of modern technology, small and medium sized businesses in Dublin, Ireland may find themselves struggling to keep up. An increasing number of brick and mortar businesses are beginning to recognise the need to change their marketing model and beef up their existing efforts by including…

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