Brand Reputation Management: What is it all About?

You are probably familiar with the cliché, “You are only as good as your name.” In the online world this turns out to be only partly true, in reality, you are only as good as the brand reputation management team that manages your public reputation.

Let’s learn from Market Leaders

The world’s leading brands like Hewlett-Packard, FedEx and McDonald’s have invested heavily in brand reputation marketing, but that doesn’t mean this type of service is only for multinational companies and large organisations. A thriving company in Dublin, Ireland can greatly benefit from using a brand reputation management service to help manage the company’s public reputation. We live in a digital world where negative posts, comments and unfavourable rumours can travel thousands of miles in a matter of seconds.

What is Brand Reputation Management?

There have been some misconceptions about brand reputation management. Most people think it only involves monitoring social media mentions, others think it mainly deals with public relations, while some do not have a clue.

Online selling has changed radically over the years. In the past, companies focused on selling products/services to a passive audience. Today, through access to social media and other mediums, consumers have a powerful platform to express their opinions and share their experiences.

It is no longer enough to present a static brochure; user-generated content has become a necessity. In addition, regular interaction with your audience on social networks is now widely regarded as a critical factor in any business succeeding.

A New Way to Communicate and Engage

It doesn’t matter what industry you may be operating in or the size of your business, customers, prospects and clients will be talking about you and sharing their experience with your company. The question is, are you paying attention to their comments, opinions and questions? This is where brand reputation management comes in.

Allowing your business to become more accessible to your market can produce great rewards. However, there are also serious risks involved, as it essentially means opening up to feedback and criticism that will be shared worldwide. This is, of course, easier said than done, especially when many small and medium sized businesses do not invest heavily in establishing online communication and efforts often turn out to be inconsistent.

Case in Point

Several years ago, Nestlé received some serious flak about their controversial environmental practices, something they had not yet addressed. This triggered people to grow more aggressive and some posted edited versions of the company’s logo, which forced them to close down their public page.

What does this demonstrate? It is important not to ignore criticism and address the problem as quickly as possible properly – ideally, as soon as possible.

So, what are your customers saying about you? Good brand reputation management requires expertise in handling issues and requires constant monitoring. Taking a proactive approach can make a huge difference can pay large rewards down the road.

Have you considered managing your Brand Reputation? Here at Brillsome we use our expertise to efficiently track mentions, reviews of your products or services, identify areas in your business that can be improved, analysing criticism and providing feedback to your customers, making sure nothing went unnoticed. Making sure, that potential clients TRUST your business.

Brand reputation management is a part of our Digital Marketing Package, so whether you are going for a new website, or decide to choose Digital Marketing only, rest assured, we will provide you with a Brillsome service.


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